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About Christopher Lara –  Our Founder

When I was very young, my mother said I took apart electronics and toys to see how they worked, even though I broke a lot of stuff in the process. I would say I began my entrepreneurial career at 12 when in middle school. I actually figured out how to convert audio midi beats into small enough files so that they worked on the Nextel chirp devices of the day with nearly no memory available. Soon enough I was selling a full load of ringtones and midi songs for $5 flat to friends and family. Someone told their uncle who traded me tons of cases and accessories for the knowledge and software to do it in his store. Since then I was driven to provide value and service. A fascination with technology and helping others ended up turning into a computer repair service that kept me busy every day the last year of high school and during college. I only worked part time and was living mostly as a freelance repair tech. In 2012, at 22 years old I decided to focus on and commit to web design and internet marketing/SEO. I had only taken a few entry level classes at the time but spent day and night doing all the work and learning. In the last 6 years I have built hundreds of websites that help my client’s get and convert local leads. I also sell and ship tons of products across the world through a simple website that fuels my passion to help others benefit from complete websites and marketing.

A Few Clients and Associates

We are trusted in various niches for our commitment to success and professionalism.

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