Complete Website Design


Once you have chosen and added your hosting package to the cart, you can also choose to have us create you a truly functional, mobile friendly website that works.

This package includes a professional logo process, up to 6 months of revision on the website to ensure a simple, yet super refined and strategic finished product that sells. (Up To 48 Hours Of Service)

If a professional logo is not required, we instead extend your 48 Hours of Services to 60 Hours Total.

We help craft the website copy, use your images and can even take photos if locally in Los Angeles at no extra charge!


Product Description

Every website requires web hosting to stay online for customers.

Our rates start at just $4.99 for website only hosting, or $8.99 for website & email hosting per month.

If you’d like to secure your website and brand completely, our secured package includes multiple antivirus/malware solutions and backups also doubled to ensure the ability to restore a copy of your site regardless of any potential problems for $69.99 monthly, this also includes 3 custom/pro emails. (you@yourdomain.com)

Hosting is monthly or annual, but every email and web hosting package is basically unlimited. There is a multi-million user limit per month, but once we surpass that, we upgrade the entire backend.

Future online marketing and management services are billed at $50 / hour. Most tasks requested by customers are completed within 1 hour. Includes a fully detailed account of time allocated to tasks. 

Save on Maintenance and Marketing by purchasing a pre-paid plan. Members start at $25/hr and less for the largest packages.

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