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Yes, all hosting plans include support. Backups are included in all hosting plans, and we will do whatever it takes to help you in your business and website!
Yes, we completely install your WordPress website for you -the website is fully functional although not designed. You do not need to purchase the basic website package in order to get your hosting/website installation online.
Free daily backup with 30 days of restore points. Includes WordPress and Database Backups. We manage the backups and do the actual restoring for you!
There are no contracts. Choose your monthly or annual rate, a basic or complete package. Our Hosting fees are annual or monthly, domain names yearly renewals, but domains are free with any hosting package.
From $4.99 to $69.99 per month for website hosting with unlimited email storage. Simple website designs start at $300 flat for a few pages, ready to keep adding to with our easy to use WordPress software.
If you are currently on a WordPress installation outside of WordPress.com, we may be able to migrate your site free of charge. We bill our standard hourly rate if transferring you to your own hosting account, a new host or domain registrar.
Yes, if you require a domain, our discount enables us to purchase domains for just $10 per year, instead of $14.99 or higher. Call today to find the perfect name. The name itself must be simple, easy to spell for best results!
Of course, from $4.99 per unlimited storage user that works on all iPhones, Android phones, tablets and desktops computers. There is also Outlook email packages costing $10 and up, offering Word/Excel subscription included.
Most of the websites and templates we utilize for customers and ourselves are responsive, so they look great on mobile. We know most traffic starts on mobile, and do everything to ensure fast loading and proper renderings.
We don’t have limits on daily visitors, just keep promoting your business and website! There is a multi-million user limit, but we would transfer to a dedicated server at that point.
With state of the art networking and solid state drives to avoid slow spinning hard disks, you’re at pro speed. Servers are all outsourced to the premier facilities in Arizona.
We are located in Los Angeles, CA. You can Email us at Service@LaraMastery.com or call today: 562-644-2642
We are experts at internet marketing and selling online. Our brands thrive through unique and authentic website revision, consistent development and strategic pay per click.

Monday-Friday 9 AM – 5 PM | Saturday & Sunday 10 AM – 5 PM

We work through the night, so please don’t hesitate to email us.

Yes, our graphic designer is great! A professional logo improves conversions on print and online! Complete website packages include this service, or extend your website design and revision process by up to 2 weeks if you have a logo!
We take care of everything including backups, so you don’t need to worry about complex databases. In general, a database allows your site to have an admin area, send messages, run plugins and benefit from the complete package.
Well, it’s great. Easy to use, easy to extend, it’s just a great platform that is functional. We teach customers to manage their own websites, freeing up our services to more technical issues, but can fully manage everything.
We began our journey as a web design and internet marketing firm. We now manage and process millions in sales year after year. Choose between a Basic or Complete Website.

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